Friday, May 27, 2011

Liberty Line Memorial Day 2011 Edition

It's Memorial Day weekend, and we remember the nation by delving into some founding principles. First, Andrew talks about the week, why he was lax about the podcast (apologies!) and a visit to Prince George's County for a speech.

Then Seton Motley comes on to talk about what's happening with Less Government (a founding principle!), and more fun and thrills with the FCC.

Finally, Andrew comes back to read his essay on the 5th Amendment for's 90-Day constitutional study program. He comments on the state of property rights today, and how we got where we are!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Liberty Line 5/20/11 Rep. Andy Harris and Holly Alfano

For a Friday edition Liberty Line we focus on travel once again--though this time the folks that are trying to put a damper on the experience.

First up is Rep. Andy Harris, MD, from Maryland's 1st Congressional District. He's talking about the state's abominable plans to once again jack up tolls for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, this time nearly 300%. Is this part-and-parcel of the War on Rural America? You decide!

Then Holly Alfano, VP for Government Affairs for the National Association of Truck Stop Owners (yes, they have their own lobby!), comes on to talk about congressional efforts to put state highway rest areas in direct competition with their members... and the hundreds of thousands of small businesses that rely on interstate travelers!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Liberty Line 5/18/11 Matt Lewis and Steve Tepp

Lots of shake-ups in the GOP presidential field this weekend, and we've got the skinny for you. Matt Lewis, who covers presidential politics for the Daily Caller comes on the Liberty Line today to talk about who's in, who's out, and who else may be out there!

Then, are you concerned about Rogue Websites? Think ideas are and ought to be sacrosanct? Steve Tepp from the US Chamber of Commerce joins us to talk about their efforts to ensure that intellectual property rights are protected!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Liberty Line 5/13/11 Del Justin Ready and Andrew Coe

Foodie Friday on Today's Liberty Line - though we start off with a little politics and policy first.

Del. Justin Ready (R-Carroll) from the Maryland House of Delegates stops in to talk about his first session as a Freshman Delegate, and to let listeners know about the efforts to push back against in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

Then we move entirely away from politics, and have a fascinating exploration of the history of Chinese food in the United States. Author Andrew Coe comes on to talk about his Oxford University Press book, "Chop Suey". We talk about the origins of two chinese-american dishes, the state of chinese food and more exotic cuisines in the US, and where Mr. Coe eats when he's feeling adventurous.

If you love food, you have to tune in to this Liberty Line!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Liberty Line 5/11/11 Richard Marcinko

We have a truly rare interview today as Andrew sits down with Cdr. Richard Marcinko, USN (Ret.), the man who conceived, founded, and was first commander of Seal Team VI, the unit that raided Osama Bin Laden's Compound in Pakistan and took him down!

We talk about the origins of Seal Team VI, Special Warfare (SpecWar) today, and Marcinko's lengthy career both within and without the military. Marcinko is an accomplished author, having written the seminal (and for Andrew, life-changing ) book, "Rogue Warrior", his autobiography.

If you've ever been interested in special operations, or if last week's stunning news made you curious as to the unit that carried out the operation, YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS LIBERTY LINE!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Liberty Line 5/9/11 Live from the MDGOP Spring Convention

It was a busy Mother's Day weekend, since it started with the Maryland Republican Party's Spring Convention. Andrew brought his digital recorder, and caught some of the action for you. Five, count 'em, FIVE interviews from the Ocean City event.

First, Andrew recaps the festivities, discusses coming in 3rd in the Presidential Straw Poll, one melancholy experience, and one outright negative interaction with a quasi-colleague from a big, wealthy county in Central Maryland.

Then the interviews, starting with our good friend Brian Griffiths from Red Maryland and Red Maryland Radio.

Larry Hogan joins us to talk about his new venture, "Change Maryland"; Sam Hale from the Maryland Society of Patriots sits down to tell us what he's up to.

Then Harford County Executive David Craig comes on to talk about his potential bid for Governor in 2014, and we finish up with a round-robin with Rory McShane, Ruben Vellekoop, and Carlotta Capuano (among others)!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Liberty Line 5/6/11 Patricia Grace and Ana Puig

What are those in the elder care industry saying about health care reform? We're joined by Patricia Grace, founder and CEO of "Aging with Grace", an elder care company, who talks to us about her company, and her views on the changes that may or may not be coming down the pike.

Then we're joined by one of the Tea Party movement's most exciting leaders, Ana Puig. Ana was one of the founders of Kitchen Table Patriots, and her story is one of the most compelling of any movement conservative's. We talk about her background, what her childhood in South America has taught her about proposed changes here in the states, and we chat about last night's Presidential debate!

You won't want to miss today's podcast!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Liberty Line 4/2/11 David Williams and Jim Burling

It's Monday, and we're back from Resource Bank! Andrew recaps his journey from Dallas, which was saved from total disaster by kind souls at Gate C30 at DFW - and then we launch into our Resource Bank interviews.

First up is David Williams, formerly of Citizens Against Government Waste, and now President of the Taxpayers' Protection Alliance - a relatively new venture.

Then, a giant of the property rights movement comes on - Jim Burling from Pacific Legal Foundation. Jim talks about the case he (successfully) argued before the US Supreme Court, as well as PLF's current roster of cases.