Friday, May 13, 2011

Liberty Line 5/13/11 Del Justin Ready and Andrew Coe

Foodie Friday on Today's Liberty Line - though we start off with a little politics and policy first.

Del. Justin Ready (R-Carroll) from the Maryland House of Delegates stops in to talk about his first session as a Freshman Delegate, and to let listeners know about the efforts to push back against in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

Then we move entirely away from politics, and have a fascinating exploration of the history of Chinese food in the United States. Author Andrew Coe comes on to talk about his Oxford University Press book, "Chop Suey". We talk about the origins of two chinese-american dishes, the state of chinese food and more exotic cuisines in the US, and where Mr. Coe eats when he's feeling adventurous.

If you love food, you have to tune in to this Liberty Line!

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