Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Liberty Line 042711 Andrew Breitbart and Paul Avelar

Whether it's the philosophical struggle in which the nation is currently locked or the out-and-out war on small business, there are people hard at work fighting for all sorts of rights, big and small. Today on the Liberty Line we have two of them...

First up is Paul Avelar, Staff Attorney with the Institute for Justice's Arizona Chapter. IJ fights hard for property rights, free speech, and entrepreneurial liberty! He's going to talk about some of his work, including the lawsuit they filed yesterday in federal court, challenging the onerous and discriminatory licensing practices for hair-braiders in Utah.

Then IFL-ally Andrew Breitbart comes on to talk about his new book, Righteous Indignation. He talks about his background, and how he came to be the culture warrior he is today!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Liberty Line 4/25/11 Pete Davis and Tom Pyle

What are two of the biggest issues today? The debt ceiling vote and gas prices! No, the two aren't related, but on today's Liberty Line we bring on two experts to talk about the subject.

First, Pete Davis, former Hill Staffer, financial expert, and Godfather of congressional computer economic modeling, comes on to talk about the op-ed he recently authored with Jim Carter. Turns out, there isn't a mere binary choice between voting for or against raising the debt ceiling. We can fix some glitches and get a more accurate picture of our debt!

Then, we turn to a long-time friend, Tom Pyle from the Institute for Energy Research, to talk about why gas prices continue to skyrocket, and what we can do in the near and long term to bring them down!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Liberty Line 4/22/11 Larry Spiwak on Jobs and Regulation

We've talked about the burden that regulations cause for small business, but we haven't talked about the relationship between what the federal government spends on regulating and how that impacts jobs! Today on the Liberty Line we talk to Andrew's good friend (and a man he considers a mentor), Lawrence Spiwak, from the Phoenix Center.

The Phoenix Center has just done a seminal study on the relationship between regulatory spending and jobs, and has come to some stunning conclusions. If you're concerned about getting the economy moving, then you're going to want to listen to the Liberty Line today!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Liberty Line 4/20/11 Ron Bailey and RISK!

It seems that Wednesdays really have been getting academic on the Liberty Line - and you're not going to want to miss this episode of the podcast. Today we talk Risk - comparing risk, how risk informs public policy, and why Andrew gets so excited talking about it!

First, we get a brief introduction to the subject of Comparative Risk Assessment from Andrew, as he talks a bit about his background on the subject, his father's work, and just what's been going on with risk and public policy.

Then, Reason Magazine's Science Correspondent Ron Bailey joins us to talk about a new journal article on risk by current Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Liberty Line 4/18/11 Thaddeus McCotter and John McCafferty

The Liberty Line rocks hard on Monday, with Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), fresh of his Zeppelin-referencing speech on the floor of the US House of Representatives. We talk about his new book, "Seize Freedom!", fiscal responsibility, and the overall direction of the nation.

Then, as a follow up to our interview with Lee Doren on the petty tyrannies of local government, we sit down with John McCafferty, the Delaware home-owner whose basketball hoop was unceremoniously ripped from his front lawn by state government workers (luckily, his wife had climbed down from her protest perch beforehand!).

Friday, April 15, 2011

Liberty Line 4/15/11 Steve Pinetti from Kimpton Hotels

We're back after a down week (due to Andrew being under the weather and big meetings early on), and we're shifting gears for Friday. One of the prevailing themes in our world is the entrepreneurial spirit - how entrepreneurs create a product, build their brand names, and become leaders in their industries.

Steve Pinetti, Senior Vice-President for Sales and Marketing at the Kimpton Group joins us. Kimpton, the nation's leading "boutique hotel" company turns 30 this month, and Andrew invited them to come on the show to talk about the secrets to their success.

Andrew's been a fan of Kimpton hotels for years, and he and Steve talk about the chain's core philosophy, swap stories about the hotels, and we get the skinny on where Kimpton's going next!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Liberty Line 4/8/11 David Freddoso and Dan Mitchell

If you've been deeply troubled by some of the actions of this administration, you're going to want to catch this edition of the Liberty Line. Author David Freddoso, whose earlier book, "The Case Against Barack Obama" was among the first to dare raise questions about the junior senator from Illinois. He comes on to talk about his just-released book, "Gangster Government".

Then, as the shut-down looms, we talk budgetary policy with one of the best, Cato's Dan Mitchell!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Liberty Line 4/6/11 Chris Edwards and Lee Doren

The nation's leaders are struggling to bring the cost of government under some real control, and we're facing the real possibility of a government shut down this week--all this, and a negotiation over cutting between less than ONE percent of the budget and around Three percent!

Now comes Rep. Paul Ryan with his proposal to cut $400billion per year over the next 20 years. Is he serious? The Liberty Line talks to Cato's Chris Edwards, who's got the skinny. Chris breaks down what Ryan's proposing, what needs to be done, and whether or not he thinks the government WILL shut down (and if that's a good or a bad thing).

Then we're joined again by our friend Lee Doren. The New York City food police are starting to live by their own draconian rules, and Lee tells us what he thinks that means for them and us! And maybe you've heard about that other case of government run amok - this time with Delaware lopping down neighborhood basketball hoops! Lee fills us in, and we chat about the petty tyrannies of state government!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Liberty Line 4/4/11 Harmon Kaslow and Adam Thierer

Happy Monday to Everybody! It's a forward-thinking Monday morning as we're joined by Harmon Kaslow, Executive Producer of the upcoming feature film, Atlas Shrugged Part I! ASPI hits theaters next Friday, April 15, and Harmon and I talk about the film itself, the stars, and some great cameos (not only DS9's Armin Shimerman, but Michael O'Keefe, Caddyshack's Danny Noonan, have roles in this film!).

Then we're talking net neutrality once again as Mercatus' Adam Thierer joins us. We talk about the impact on innovation that cyber-collectivism might have - and we find out what kind of smartphone Adam carries!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Liberty Line 040111

The Liberty Line abandons its tea party values and embraces Marxist-Leninism today...

No, wait, we have that backwards... April Fools' folks! Abbreviated Liberty Line as we have reflections from the Continuing Revolution Rally in Washington, DC on March 31. Host Andrew Langer explains what his message is for that event. Colin Hanna comes on to put the so-called "compromise" in perspective.

Then we roundtable with Less Government's Seton Motley and Phil Kerpen from Americans for Prosperity.