Friday, April 15, 2011

Liberty Line 4/15/11 Steve Pinetti from Kimpton Hotels

We're back after a down week (due to Andrew being under the weather and big meetings early on), and we're shifting gears for Friday. One of the prevailing themes in our world is the entrepreneurial spirit - how entrepreneurs create a product, build their brand names, and become leaders in their industries.

Steve Pinetti, Senior Vice-President for Sales and Marketing at the Kimpton Group joins us. Kimpton, the nation's leading "boutique hotel" company turns 30 this month, and Andrew invited them to come on the show to talk about the secrets to their success.

Andrew's been a fan of Kimpton hotels for years, and he and Steve talk about the chain's core philosophy, swap stories about the hotels, and we get the skinny on where Kimpton's going next!

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