Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Liberty Line 4/6/11 Chris Edwards and Lee Doren

The nation's leaders are struggling to bring the cost of government under some real control, and we're facing the real possibility of a government shut down this week--all this, and a negotiation over cutting between less than ONE percent of the budget and around Three percent!

Now comes Rep. Paul Ryan with his proposal to cut $400billion per year over the next 20 years. Is he serious? The Liberty Line talks to Cato's Chris Edwards, who's got the skinny. Chris breaks down what Ryan's proposing, what needs to be done, and whether or not he thinks the government WILL shut down (and if that's a good or a bad thing).

Then we're joined again by our friend Lee Doren. The New York City food police are starting to live by their own draconian rules, and Lee tells us what he thinks that means for them and us! And maybe you've heard about that other case of government run amok - this time with Delaware lopping down neighborhood basketball hoops! Lee fills us in, and we chat about the petty tyrannies of state government!

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